Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Enviroschool Tent

On Friday 14th November some of our Enviroschool team helped to man the 'Enviroschool tent' at Thyme Festival. Well done Phoebe, Emma and Vanessa who told the public about our new Bokashi composting system that we have introduced into our classrooms.
Brianna and Neave did a fantastic job of sharing our schools 'Enviroschools journey'.  I was impressed with how you both grew in confidence each time you shared.   
Brianna and Neave also talked about the wonderful skink they helped create during a Thyme Festival art workshop. The skink was later auctioned and sold to the highest bidder.
Steve Brown, the Enviroschools Co-ordinator, made seed bombs with our girls. We are going to find some special places to throw the seed bombs and hopefully spread a little bit of colour into our surroundings.

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