Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tui Garden Update

Now that we have some major action in our school garden it was time to post an update on the Tui Garden Competition blog.

The Tui Garden website it a fantastic resource with wonderful advice and ideas for gardening.  
Click on the Tui icon below to visit the website.

Fence Post Art

On Thursday 17th October we began painting some fence posts that will become a piece of garden art. Thanks to Mr White for sharing his artistic skills with us. We love the people you have drawn and hope we can capture their personalities through our painting.

Term 4 - Beginning to plant

A huge thank you to Mrs Lloyd and Room 2 who had a busy time last term growing a range of vegetables for us to plant in our garden.  Room 2 has grown lots of beans, corn, radishes, beetroot and some sweet peas to attract the bees and brighten the garden area. 
Room 6 has also been growing things.  During guided reading one of the reading groups read a book about grow peas and they decided to follow the instructions and try to grow their own.  We have transplanted the pea plants into our garden and we are all looking forward to eating them soon. 
Thanks to Mitre 10 who, through the 'Tui Garden Competition', supplied us with free seed raising & garden mix, as well as several punnets of seedlings.

A Hot House

We are looking forward to growing things in our new hot house.

Garden Area Completed

A huge thank you to Wayne and Robbie for the fantastic work they have done creating the garden for us.